About the Blog

The ABA ATJ Blog is run by the American Bar Association’s Resource Center for Access to Justice Initiatives. We track the latest and most important developments in:

  1. the work of state-based ATJ Commissions
  2. civil legal aid funding
  3. how legal aid providers are serving clients
  4. pro bono work, and
  5. law schools’ involvement in legal aid.

What’s on this blog?  We circulate news, resources, opinions, and ideas that help ATJ Commissions and their allies to carry out their missions of achieving equal justice for society’s most vulnerable members.  This is serious work, but we maintain some lightheartedness about it here.

What are ATJ Commissions?  They are groups of high-level leaders from all areas of the legal community – judges, lawyers in private practice, bar association officials, public interest lawyers, etc. – who come together to expand access to civil justice for low-income and disadvantaged people in a state. Commissions do many things, including: assessing the legal needs of client communities, developing strategies & building resources to meet those needs, supporting the work of legal aid and pro bono lawyers, and evaluating progress on all these fronts.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!  (We are lawyers after all.)  This blog’s content is published for informational purposes only, and is not offered as legal advice.


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